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Sleeping Flags

posted on 19th Feb 2019

Not too long ago, while sipping on a flat white. Gazing out a café window and people watching, a poster caught my eye. Why? Well it's been a while since a poster has cut through the noise of blockbusters, pantos, politicians and protest placards. Humbly sitting shoulder to shoulder with these posters, its monotone message simply read "You are... Gimme More »

Grammar Vigilante

posted on 14th Jan 2019

Whilst graphic designers aren't the best spellers in the world, they're known for being sticklers for detail. One of our greatest flaws is never being able to switch off. When out and about there could be any number of design crimes that make our hearts sink, our brows furrow and our eyes twinge! Thankfully, there's a hero among us - The Grammar... Gimme More »

Client Question: What is tone of voice?

posted on 16th Aug 2018

What is tone of voice? Behind the veil of branding mystique, tone of voice is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an understanding that it’s not what you say, rather the way in which you say it that matters the most. Tone of voice is the difference between brilliant and boring, comprehensible and enjoyable, smart sarcasm and tasteless... Gimme More »

Why B2B brands need to get emotional

posted on 5th Jul 2018

No matter the industry or sector, business to business brands seem to have a deep-rooted aversion to emotion. The idea of it simply repulses them. It's like some kind of highly contagious virus they're afraid to catch - even talking about it could put them at risk. All that “fluffy stuff” as they so kindly put it, is simply not for them nor... Gimme More »

Building a Brand Name: Learn from the Leaders

posted on 14th May 2018

Building a Brand Name: Learn from the Leaders
One of the earliest decisions you make when establishing your brand is an obvious one: the name! It’s such a basic ingredient of your business that it’s easy to overlook the full potential of an effective name. Conversely, a poor name will do your company no favours and may cost you down the line. Let’s take a look at what we can learn from... Gimme More »

What’s the Story?

posted on 4th Apr 2018

Storytelling has been part of our lives for over 64,000 years. From the thrill of the hunt, captured in the Lascaux cave paintings, to King Harold’s bloody demise stitched into the Bayeux Tapestry, we’re suckers for a great story! When it comes to brand building, storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to make a... Gimme More »