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How Can Brands Celebrate Pride Month?

posted on 2nd Jul 2021

Pride Month Every June we see brands launching a slew of rainbow themed campaigns and products. We love to see thoughtful and significant Pride initiatives like Dublin Bus’ 2018 “The Proudest bus”, or An Post’s 2021 “Bród” campaign! But at the same time we can’t help but cringe at other initiatives like Marks and Spencer’s LGBT... Gimme More »

Digital and Social Media Trends for 2021

posted on 21st Apr 2021

As we move forward in 2021 there’s a number of digital and social media trends that are worth reflecting on. These trends are, of course, mostly driven by the pandemic, but it’s important to distinguish which changes to online behaviour are short term and which are long lasting trends that will be sticking around post vaccine. Digital and... Gimme More »

Social Media Blog 5: Being Authentic on Social Media

posted on 8th Mar 2021

We mentioned a few weeks ago that our No. 1 piece of advice for brands marketing on social media is to be authentic. This is because the collaborative and participatory nature of Web 2.0 created the foundations for the rise of social media platforms and these platforms were designed for people, not brands. In order to be welcome on social media,... Gimme More »

Social Media Blog 4: Where Do Brands Live?

posted on 18th Feb 2021

Located in the footprint of the former Guggenheim Museum, Prada’s NY SoHo store is almost un-shoppable. The main floor holds very little product with the space dominated instead by an oversized glass elevator. Most of the shopping takes place on the basement level which is compact and oddly lit. These two floors are connected by what looks like... Gimme More »

Her apron strings and her purse…

posted on 4th Apr 2019

‘The Purse’ tells the true story of two Wales fans, brothers David and Gareth Rees, who keep the memory of their late mother Olive alive by following Wales in the Guinness Six Nations. Olive left her sons an inheritance on the sole condition that it was used to follow their beloved Wales, as well use her favourite Welsh Dragon purse which... Gimme More »

Bring out the comical side of your Brand

posted on 22nd Feb 2019

Have you considered using comics or comic-like visual content in your brand storytelling efforts? If not, then let’s talk about it today- once in a while your brand should show that it's not afraid to get creative. Why ‘Comics’? Comics are an entirely different beast from written words. Comics are heavily geared toward visual storytelling... Gimme More »

Dinner violation for Rafa Nadel – Integrated branding

posted on 1st Feb 2019

Anyone sitting on their couch down-under watching the Australian Open tennis final on channel 9 last Sunday would have been very surprised to see in the middle of a break between games that Rafa Nadal seemed to order takeout! Strewth, what’s that fella doing? It was, in fact, a very clever “integrated” television... Gimme More »

Egg-cellent Brand Activation

posted on 25th Jan 2019

Blue Monday has come and gone, payday is so near yet so far, Christmas is a distant memory and somehow it feels like 76th of January. Fear not, the Cadbury’s Creme Egg hunt is back and it’s bigger and bolder than ever to lift the spirits of the nation! This year it is more adventurous than previous years, spanning across both the UK... Gimme More »

Brand activism: is it worth it?

posted on 21st Jan 2019

It’s happening more and more, big brands taking stands on socially pertinent issues. Sometimes with great success, sometimes not so much. Who could forget Pepsi’s suggestion that a soft drink was all it took to end police brutality? (Soz for bringing it up again, Kendall!) More recently, we saw it when Nike made Colin Kaepernick the face of... Gimme More »

How are you ‘Brandishing’ your Logo?

posted on 17th Jan 2019

The nature of my work has me take stock of all the happenings in the branding world - what brands are thriving and what brands are going for a facelift! Also, to identify whether a trend is a fad or a timeless technique. Having said that, it’s quite tricky to pick the long-lasting trends from the vast sea of great work. However, after reading... Gimme More »