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Tales of a survived intern

posted on 11th Dec 2018

The term “intern” can be intimidating; I mean the definition literally suggests a lack of experience and knowledge. But in all honesty, it’s an opportunity to prove yourself, to show what kind of stuff you’re made of. So here are my top tips for surviving an internship. Fake it till you make it. Confidence is key. It can make you... Gimme More »

5 Ways To Improve The Marketing And Finance Alliance

posted on 18th Oct 2018

The relationship between the marketing and finance department is often stormy. Marketers, it is assumed, are all creative, while the finance people are only concerned with the profits and cash flow. However, the cooperation between these two groups is very important. The two types, while using different skill sets, can work together as a... Gimme More »

It takes a village (the right team) to build a brand

posted on 19th Sep 2018

Your business has many facets and a variety of talent within its walls. The main players might include CEO, sales/marketing, finance, technology, product development and administration - all working together to make your business a success. Your branding partners also have a team of specialists all working together to create new and captivating... Gimme More »

Why become a packaging designer?

posted on 21st Aug 2018

I love all aspects of design - from interiors to textiles to architecture, so I automatically find my job as a packaging designer fun and interesting. At art college, I found the concept and research part of a project the most engaging and that hasn’t changed. Following an internship, I was fortunate to land a role as a junior designer with a... Gimme More »

5 characteristics of successful businesses

posted on 20th Aug 2018

There are many characteristics that separate a successful business from a business that doesn't quite make it. On average 50% of new businesses fail within the first five years, so it's important to know these characteristics and implement them to set your business up for success. Although there is no 'one size fits all' strategy, our Financial... Gimme More »

Client Question: What is tone of voice?

posted on 16th Aug 2018

What is tone of voice? Behind the veil of branding mystique, tone of voice is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an understanding that it’s not what you say, rather the way in which you say it that matters the most. Tone of voice is the difference between brilliant and boring, comprehensible and enjoyable, smart sarcasm and tasteless... Gimme More »

We’re hiring!

posted on 3rd Aug 2018

Brand Strategist A branding agency with over 30 years’ experience, at Neworld we put strategic thought at the heart of everything we do. We’re on the lookout for a brand strategist to join our growing team - a creative thinker to help provide the kind of insights and direction that will transform the brands we partner with. A bit about... Gimme More »

Lost your Creative Mojo?

posted on 25th Jul 2018

A blank canvas or a blank page can be very intimidating. At this very moment, I have four large blank canvases just sitting in my studio waiting for me. I have been painting regularly for the last year or so and have been brimming with inspiration and motivation. I couldn’t wait to get started on my new paintings… except it just hasn’t... Gimme More »

13 Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

posted on 18th Jun 2018

1. Start with the biggest and most important task first. Discipline yourself to begin immediately. Persist until the task is complete before you go on to something else. 2. Select the most important task. 3. What task is going to maximise reward and recognition or minimise the biggest future headache? The jobs that need to be completed first... Gimme More »

Halloween Pumpkin Stencils

posted on 26th Oct 2017

We thought we'd have a bit of fun in the studio this Hallowe'en so what better than a spot of pumpkin carving? Of course, our creatives couldn't resist bringing a bit of designer edge to the occasion so they came up with their own set of stencils. Have a look for yourself. If you fancy trying one out just... Gimme More »