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From Bordeaux to Harold’s Cross

29th Apr, 2014

Ecole de Communication Visuelle students paid Neworld a visit to get a taster of design in Ireland and see what an international design studio looks and sounds like!

25 Students travelled from Bordeaux to Ireland to experience what Neworld brings to the table and get a taste of what it is like to work in a design studio.

Pat took the group through the background of Neworld, showed them a sample of our Case Studies across vis comms, corporate, packaging and digital before enlightening them about the dynamics of the working world and how to secure employment!

A very enjoyable day topped of with loads of Jelly Beans at the end. Best of luck in the future guys, and enjoy college while it lasts!!

You can stalk ECV on twitter @ecvfrance or on their site to bring back the memories of those college years 🙂

Neworld VisitorsNeworld VisitorsNeworld Visitors