News/Blog Author: Marie McGrath

Brands that compliment and brands that complement

posted on 1st Mar 2019

It's World Compliment Day! A day when people show extra appreciation to those they come into contact with by dishing out sincere personal compliments. The holiday began as ‘National Compliment Day’ in the Netherlands but the creators quickly decided it should go global and so they began World Compliment Day in 2011. Their goal was to make... Gimme More »

Packaging – Seeing it from all sides

posted on 24th Jan 2019

Packaging is often the most critical marketing touchpoint for your brand. Obviously, this is especially true in the food and drinks sector. Not only does it serve a function, but it also forms an integral part of the consumer’s experience. They view it on shelf, they touch it, hold it, and hopefully, they put it in their trolley or basket and... Gimme More »

Harvey Nichols Food Collection – Style With Substance

posted on 6th Nov 2018

This year has seen the rollout of a completely reimagined range of food packaging solutions for Harvey Nichols. It is replacing the iconic monochrome photography packaging that has, without doubt, stood the test of time, having been launched more than 20 years ago. For an own brand range that is quite a legacy and achievement. Own brand ranges... Gimme More »

Perfect Packaging for Pets

posted on 5th Oct 2018

3 noteworthy trends in Pet Food that are influencing brands and the packaging they produce We all love our pets and I will certainly admit to the ridiculous adoration I hold for my very happy albeit over-fed cat. And it seems I’m not the only one who holds man's best friend and their feline counterparts in high esteem - Ireland appears to truly... Gimme More »

Client Question: What makes a brilliant packaging design brief?

posted on 7th Aug 2018

Putting together a packaging brief can seem like an overwhelming task. Clients often ask us where they should start - what are the most important elements to consider and how do they feed into the overall development process? Neworld’s Brand and Packaging Account Manager Marie McGrath shares her thoughts on the best way to develop a brief... Gimme More »

Absolut Perfect Packaging Design

posted on 4th Jul 2018

Absolut Vodka…please take a bow. For the design community, the brand has always lifted our spirits with the brand's intrinsic link to creativity. But the brand has also a long and successful connection with great initiatives. With Pride just passed, you have to admire their original 2017 rainbow bottle which shows clear support of the LGBT... Gimme More »

Bloomin’ Brilliant – Our Irish Producers showcase their best

posted on 5th Jun 2018

What’s that old line again - sur’ if we got the weather here in Ireland you would never go abroad! Well, I think this bank holiday no one did, unless you call travelling up from all corners of the country to Dublin for the weekend as ‘going away’. This past weekend the city was hopping with exciting events from Forbidden Fruit to the... Gimme More »

A ‘Can’ Do Attitude

posted on 2nd May 2018

Who would have guessed that the all-time favourite soda pop would ultimately become one of the biggest targets in our present day war on sugar! From its nostalgic glory days to the buzz of making your own at home with the Soda Stream, it’s hard to believe the world’s favourite treat has ended up as Public Enemy Number 1. For me, the... Gimme More »