Ernst & Young - Archived Work from 2013

Entrepreneur of the Year / Internal Brand Culture

Brand Design

We worked closely with Ernst & Young developing their internal brand culture and transforming it into a living, breathing brand experience...

Entrepreneur of the Year

We worked closely with Ernst & Young, helping them to heighten the profile of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Competition. Its repuatation goes before it, making this much covetable award one of the major goals for budding Entrepreneurs in Ireland.

As well as nurturing business talent in Ireland, it is also a key vehicle in boosting Ireland’s profile on an international platform. The marketing communications had to stand up to global scrutiny in terms of its core messaging and creative concepts.

As well as resonating through printed communications, the creative concept had to engage through large format graphics, backdrops, event collateral and advertsing.

Each year, contestants are taken to an international location for intensive workshops and mentoring. For example, for the Indian location, we used the strong, iconic yellow colour of the brand and brought it to life using vibrant images of the colourful Hoki festival.

Another theme ‘Do you have what it takes’ highlighted the innate characteristics that an entrepreneur must possess in order to succeed. The design direction is based around a beam. Sharp, crisp angles are layered on top of each other, creating nooks and crannies. Little snippets of information are hidden under flaps which can be pulled back to reveal these nuggets.

The design concepts are rolled out over various different communications pieces, including collateral for the EOY Awards Ceremony, promotional video pieces, invites, backdrops, website, the competition programme and large format graphics.

Brand Culture – Experiental Internal Branding

We have also worked closely with Ernst & Young developing their internal brand culture and transforming it into a living, breathing brand experience in their head office on Harcourt street. The brand was brought to life through every touchpoint from entrance, to meeting rooms, offices, elevators, the kitchen. Each floor had a different narrative which tied into an overall cultural concept.

Key to the concept was an innate understanding of the Ernst & Young culture – what makes them uniquely different. We wanted to create layers of meaning, taking elements of the brand’s foundation and past history, enriching it with aspirational calls to action and inspirational messages to instill a sense of belonging, pride and passion amongst the staff. It also served as a critical PR showcase for the brand, allowing it to claim its rightful place amongst The Big Four and creating that desire amongst those outside the Ernst & Young family…

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