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5 Questions to ask a prospective web agency

posted on 5th Mar 2019

The process of selecting an agency to work on your website can be challenging. There are many web agencies out there, how do you choose a good one? More importantly, how do you guarantee that the agency you select is the best fit for your company? Here are five questions to ask a web agency when evaluating prospective agencies to work on your... Gimme More »

Keeping your WordPress website secure

posted on 19th Feb 2019

WordPress website security
The team at Neworld Associates have been building websites for our clients since 1995. In those days websites were extremely basic, consisting mainly of tags for headers, paragraphs, and links. By the mid 90s HTML had advanced to support features such as background colours, font sizes and table-based web page structures allowing content to be... Gimme More »

Why websites fail

posted on 14th Jan 2019

Why websites fail
As web developers, Neworld often get asked to review underperforming websites to identify issues and failings. Sometimes these are formal audits that involve detailed research and analysis of the sites and sometimes they are more informal reviews, but the same basic flaws turn up time and time again. Here are just five of those most frequent... Gimme More »

New WordPress on the Block

posted on 12th Dec 2018

On the internet, Wordpress is everywhere. Approximately 75 million websites are powered by Wordpress which means it runs over 30% of the entire world-wide-web. It can be found everywhere from e-commerce websites to the websites of gourmet restaurants, small business websites to the websites of international corporations. Naturally, this website... Gimme More »

3 Key Rules of Web Design

posted on 8th Oct 2018

1. Focus on content Content is the most vital part of your website. Your content will win the attention of your customers, letting the other elements of your website (design, imagery, videos, etc.) provide a supporting role. Content is what will engage your audience and persuade them to take action. You will not achieve an effective and... Gimme More »

7 key tips for building a restaurant website

posted on 30th Jul 2018

7 key tips for building a restaurant website
Neworld have developed quite a few restaurant websites over the years and we've learned a thing or two about how to create effective and engaging sites that help build loyal customers and drive bookings. Here are a few key tips we'd recommend you keep in mind when it comes to building or updating your own site. 1. Branding It might seem obvious... Gimme More »

The differences between UX & UI

posted on 26th Jun 2018

I call myself a UI Designer… previously called a web designer, before that I was a graphic designer! I’m not a UX Designer. Sometimes my role crosses over into the UX field prior to starting to design an interface, but the two fields are totally different - they are not the same. What's What UX Design refers to the term User Experience... Gimme More »

The Seven Deadly Sins of Web Design

posted on 6th Jun 2018

Even at the best web agency, designing a website can be a challenge and every business needs a website designed with usability in mind. People can have a range of different opinions on what constitutes good or bad design but don't get caught committing one of these seven deadly sins... 1. Dark UX Patterns Deliberately tricking users into... Gimme More »

Confessions of a Weather Nerd

posted on 3rd May 2018

I am a self-professed weather nerd. And maybe it's because I grew up in the 'Sunny South East' but I have never fully accepted the Irish weather's tendency towards the wet. It's not that I'm in denial, my daily commute across Dublin involves at least an hour out in the elements and I think people would be surprised by how infrequently rain affects... Gimme More »

Copywriting & SEO: Write for people and the search engines will follow

posted on 3rd Apr 2018

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, has long had a reputation as a dark art. SEO experts in digital and web agencies have historically been able to win the top spot for a search using a variety of tricks, hacks and voodoo. Thankfully in recent years, search engine technology has grown more sophisticated and search engines are now better able... Gimme More »