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What’s in a name? Taxi!

posted on 8th Mar 2019

When Hailo came on the scene in Dublin it was an instant success. Founded in London in 2011, the taxi ordering app was simple and brilliantly clever. Order your taxi on the app with the push of a button, Hailo then knew where you were. And you could also see where they were and how long till it arrived! Gone were the frustrating “Where’s my... Gimme More »

Brand activism: is it worth it?

posted on 21st Jan 2019

It’s happening more and more, big brands taking stands on socially pertinent issues. Sometimes with great success, sometimes not so much. Who could forget Pepsi’s suggestion that a soft drink was all it took to end police brutality? (Soz for bringing it up again, Kendall!) More recently, we saw it when Nike made Colin Kaepernick the face of... Gimme More »

When Brands Become a Noun

posted on 24th Oct 2018

We recently began a house renovation project and I was amazed at the number of times we were asked if we were doing a “Grand Design”? The channel four home design series has become so entrenched in our everyday culture that the programme name has now become a generic term for home renovations. This is not a new phenomenon. The English... Gimme More »

Cycling jersey branding – from dashing to dire

posted on 28th Jun 2018

It’s yet another summer of sport and as we reach the start of July it means it will soon be time for another Tour de France. I know for most it’s of little interest but I’ve been a fan of professional cycling since the the 1980s when Irish cyclists Roche and Kelly were in their pomp, despite the longstanding doping issues that have blighted... Gimme More »

What’s In a Name?

posted on 19th Jun 2018

Whether you’re starting from scratch or trying to reinvent yourself, the name you give your business is critical. It’s often the very first impression you make on potential customers, competitors and ultimately the commercial universe. It’s also the trickiest part of brand development. It’s emotive - therefore subjective - and very... Gimme More »

Building a Brand Name: Learn from the Leaders

posted on 14th May 2018

Building a Brand Name: Learn from the Leaders
One of the earliest decisions you make when establishing your brand is an obvious one: the name! It’s such a basic ingredient of your business that it’s easy to overlook the full potential of an effective name. Conversely, a poor name will do your company no favours and may cost you down the line. Let’s take a look at what we can learn from... Gimme More »