News/Blog Author: Kerry Matzelle

Your brain on criticism

posted on 5th Apr 2019

I recently started listening to a new podcast - WorkLife with Adam Grant. Adam Grant is an Organisational Psychologist who, in his own words, “studies how to make work not suck.” I’ve always been particularly interested in the application of Organisational Psychology. Psychology has been applied with great effect to various fields like... Gimme More »

Can we taste shapes?

posted on 26th Feb 2019

So, you want to know if we can taste shapes? Stay tuned to find out. Sensory overload! At any given moment, we are bombarded with sensory information. Our brains are faced with the task of separating all of that information and directing it to where it belongs within a mere fraction of a second. What information needs to be sent to our... Gimme More »

Brand activism: is it worth it?

posted on 21st Jan 2019

It’s happening more and more, big brands taking stands on socially pertinent issues. Sometimes with great success, sometimes not so much. Who could forget Pepsi’s suggestion that a soft drink was all it took to end police brutality? (Soz for bringing it up again, Kendall!) More recently, we saw it when Nike made Colin Kaepernick the face of... Gimme More »

Igniting a spark of magic this Christmas

posted on 5th Dec 2018

Sustainability is the big word around town. It’s a broad term, one that can't quite be pinned down by a single definition. The beauty of this is that it means everyone can integrate principles of sustainability into their everyday lives – however big or small. In a nutshell, sustainability is doing more with less. As statistics about the state... Gimme More »