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Three, Two, One, Lift off

posted on 28th Mar 2019

Voyager Blog
On Tuesday of this week, the United States vice president Mike Pence delivered a space policy speech that called for American men and women to return to the Moon by 2024. Despite the understandable doubt that has been cast on the viability of this plan, (because there isn’t a plan or a budget) it is a hopeful time in space travel. Earlier... Gimme More »

Keeping your WordPress website secure

posted on 19th Feb 2019

WordPress website security
The team at Neworld Associates have been building websites for our clients since 1995. In those days websites were extremely basic, consisting mainly of tags for headers, paragraphs, and links. By the mid 90s HTML had advanced to support features such as background colours, font sizes and table-based web page structures allowing content to be... Gimme More »

Why websites fail

posted on 14th Jan 2019

Why websites fail
As web developers, Neworld often get asked to review underperforming websites to identify issues and failings. Sometimes these are formal audits that involve detailed research and analysis of the sites and sometimes they are more informal reviews, but the same basic flaws turn up time and time again. Here are just five of those most frequent... Gimme More »

A Choc delight

posted on 29th Nov 2018

Chic french script font
The New York Times recently ran a story about a 1950s French font that, as they describe it, has ‘taken over’ New York. The typeface has proliferated on storefronts in parts of the city, especially on Asian food shops and restaurants signage. It’s a script font called Choc and was designed by Roger Excoffon. ... Gimme More »

Signs of the times

posted on 5th Nov 2018

Men at Work transport signage blog
What differentiates design from art is the functional aspect - design is about problem solving - communicating a message, an idea or an action. This is no more so than in signage and particularly transport signage. Road signs need to warn and guide drivers, helping to regulate the flow of traffic for vehicles of different types, and for... Gimme More »

Curves, Swirls and Virgins – the world of media ownership and TV identities

posted on 28th Sep 2018

BBC2 new logo ident
As Irish TV watchers may have noticed, TV3 has recently rebranded as Virgin Media TV. The channels formally known as TV3, 3e and be3 have been renamed as Virgin Media One, Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Three. Anecdotally many consumers have been confused by this change and have been wondering where TV3 has... Gimme More »

Social Media Predictions 2012

posted on 30th Aug 2018

Neworld Social Media Blog predictions
By chance I recently came across an article I wrote in 2012 for a marketing magazine. It was loosely about social media, the value for companies of being active on social networks, privacy and regulation, and what the future outlook held. 2012 does not sound too long ago, but in internet years it’s an eternity. In 2012 Social Media was... Gimme More »

7 key tips for building a restaurant website

posted on 30th Jul 2018

7 key tips for building a restaurant website
Neworld have developed quite a few restaurant websites over the years and we've learned a thing or two about how to create effective and engaging sites that help build loyal customers and drive bookings. Here are a few key tips we'd recommend you keep in mind when it comes to building or updating your own site. 1. Branding It might seem obvious... Gimme More »

Cycling jersey branding – from dashing to dire

posted on 28th Jun 2018

It’s yet another summer of sport and as we reach the start of July it means it will soon be time for another Tour de France. I know for most it’s of little interest but I’ve been a fan of professional cycling since the the 1980s when Irish cyclists Roche and Kelly were in their pomp, despite the longstanding doping issues that have blighted... Gimme More »

Aliens invading London and the perils of co-opting social issues

posted on 29th May 2018

Coke Hilltop advert
I recently had to carry out research on social media campaigns for a client (I swear it was legitimate work related research - really!) which inevitably led via the Google rabbit hole to examples for big brands with huge budgets that weren't really related to my original search at all. One of the most visually impactful and costly examples... Gimme More »