Blow your own horn

posted on 26th Apr 2018

Indian Truck Art
Inspiration from India Myself and two colleagues are just back from a short trip to India (as you do), and it was certainly a full-on overwhelming cultural experience, a world away from a hop over to a UK or European destination for a couple of days. In fact it was a complete visceral onslaught of sounds, aromas and experiences. From a visual... Gimme More »


posted on 24th Apr 2018

Wha!? … Vex-ill-ology; The study of flags. I’ve always been drawn to flags and to me the reasons are clear. Much like a brand or brandmark, flags are a way of uniting a set of people, identifying them as one and different to the rest. Much like a brandmark the design of a flag must be 1) simple 2) use a limited colour palette 3) unique 4)... Gimme More »

The emoji – powerful design or millennial nonsense?

posted on 24th Apr 2018

They’re just for twenty-somethings. They’re making us lazy. They’re destroying language as we know it. They’re crass. They’re definitely not work safe. Emojis get a tough time but it’s hard to imagine a world without them. But let’s for a moment do just that. Let’s go way back to 1999... a pre-millennial and pre-millenium age... Gimme More »

Penguin Classics – masterpieces even before you open the cover

posted on 23rd Apr 2018

Ever evolving and always beautifully designed My love of books goes way back. I would happily hide away in The Exchange Bookshop in Dalkey for hours at a time. It was amazing how far my pocket money would go on second hand books in the 70’s! Most evenings the owner Michael would have to extract me from some corner so he could close up shop. A... Gimme More »

It Started With a Sketch – Sketchbook Challenge

posted on 20th Apr 2018

Why Keep a Sketchbook? For me, all my creative ideas start in my sketchbook - I think it’s a practice that every good artist does. Keeping a sketchbook is a discipline, one that I started back in my college days in NCAD.  And I have every single sketch that I’ve made since then. It’s where my ideas start, where I can... Gimme More »

The Power of Colour

posted on 19th Apr 2018

The power of colour and its association with its country of origin cannot be underestimated. Think of green and its association with Ireland and St Patrick’s Day - a now global phenomenon with the go green initiative. The colour of your jersey and the pride that is associated with wearing the colour of your country creates both passion... Gimme More »

To disrupt or not to disrupt? That is the question!

posted on 18th Apr 2018

When it comes to branding I have always asked the big question – the why? Why do certain brands act one way and others another? The obvious answer is that each and every brand is different - it’s their birth rite to stay true to themselves. With that in mind, there’s no ignoring the fact that more and more brands have begun to try to... Gimme More »

Branding for Ireland’s Whiskey Renaissance

posted on 17th Apr 2018

The whiskey industry is booming and Ireland is having its moment. What many are deeming a “Whiskey Renaissance,” Irish whiskey sales have increased by over 300% in the last 10 years - now accounting for more than one third of all Irish beverage exports (IWA, 2017).   Now, the Irish whiskey category is the fastest growing premium spirit... Gimme More »

Great wine or great design?

posted on 16th Apr 2018

I got my tattoo on Haight Street in San Francisco in 1996, at the very wise age of 25. I wasn’t trying to be rebellious or exert my independence. I was deeply drawn to the design: it’s a bit dark and edgy yet the way the claws, wing tails and beaks tuck together feels safe. And the circular device seems eternal – almost like a mantra of... Gimme More »

The value of branding – how to measure the success of a brand

posted on 13th Apr 2018

Every successful business invests a considerable amount of time and money into building and nurturing their brands. As with any cost the management and shareholders need to know whether this expenditure is essential for the success of the business. Branding Cost and Amortisation The costs involved in branding can be easily quantified. They... Gimme More »