posted on 8th Nov 2017

Future (noun) A period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come.   Thought leaders, innovators, industry professionals, artists and even a Zoltar Speaks fortune teller right out of the movie “Big”, all gathered at the RDS Dublin this past weekend to share and shape... Gimme More »

Halloween Pumpkin Stencils

posted on 26th Oct 2017

  We thought we'd have a bit of fun in the studio this Hallowe'en so what better than a spot of pumpkin carving? Of course, our creatives couldn't resist bringing a bit of designer edge to the occasion so they came up with their own set of stencils. Have a look for yourself. If you fancy trying one out just... Gimme More »

Changing The World One Battery At A Time

posted on 29th Sep 2017

It’s not everyday we get to work on a project that’s changing the world! Or at least educating kids to be guardians of our planet by making them aware of the importance of battery recycling. No wonder weee’re so excited about WEEE Pledge’s new education asset! Check it out… Gimme More »

Brands Tackle Hurricane Harvey

posted on 5th Sep 2017

Back in 1970 the NY Times published an article titled “The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits” in which economist Milton Friedman outlined her belief that businesses operating with a focus on CSR “reveal a suicidal impulse”. But what we see today couldn't be any further from this. From industry critics like... Gimme More »

Breakfast of Champions

posted on 28th Aug 2017

­­They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But how much does that influence what you feed your kids in the morning? Although parents may have good intentions, giving kids something healthy often takes a back seat. In fact 64% of Irish parents say they feed their kids what they know they’ll eat rather than the healthy option... Gimme More »

Slane Castle Distillery

posted on 23rd Aug 2017

Online bookings are now live today on Slane Castle Distillery Experience! It’s been a real pleasure to work with Brown Forman on this incredible project. Here’s a little flavour of what we did to bring the brand experience to life. Gimme More »

Clontarf Castle – No Longer Dublin’s Best-Kept Secret

posted on 11th Aug 2017

Last year we embarked on a journey with Clontarf Castle to rebuild its brand positioning and create a new identity that truly captures the hotel’s unique story. Since then, the hotel has seen some remarkable accomplishments – moving up in TripAdvisor rankings from number 28 to third in Dublin as well as winning Ireland’s Best Hotel Event... Gimme More »

Glenisk #SweetBaby Search

posted on 3rd Aug 2017

Every baby is the apple of their parents’ eye – so what better way to raise awareness for the launch of Glenisk’s baby yogurt range than to go on a quest to find some adorable babies! With #SweetBaby the search was on for the face of Glenisk’s new Absolutely No Added Sugar Organic Baby Yogurt and entries came pouring in. Glenisk had the... Gimme More »

Judging A Beer By Its Cover

posted on 31st Jul 2017

It’s no news that the craft beer market has well and truly exploded. In fact, craft beer production and consumption in Ireland has increased sixfold since 2012 (Bord Bia, 2016). And with new brands and styles popping up alongside complex names and designs, choosing a couple of beers has become quite an overwhelming experience! So what sways the... Gimme More »

Drover Foods

posted on 28th Jul 2017

Drover Foods, Wexford superhero, leading the way in food-to-go innovation to an international market! Check out our latest repositioning strategy taking them from supplier to innovator and brand partner here... Gimme More »