You Say Potato…

posted on 4th Jul 2017

Yay! It’s the 4th of July. And because we’re just a little bit obsessed with brands we thought it might be fun to do some digging to see what our pals across the water like to stick into their shopping trolley around this time of year. Well, we had to do a double take! Some of our best-loved brands are walking and talking a little bit... Gimme More »

A Salute to Helvetica

posted on 22nd Jun 2017

What makes Helvetica so iconic? Is it the sophisticated yet simplistic style? Is it the huge number of global brands that have adapted it into their brandmarks? Or is it because Helvetica is the only typeface with its own critically acclaimed documentary? One thing’s for sure, Helvetica is the most recognisable typeface in the world - from... Gimme More »

Blooming Into Great Relationships

posted on 31st May 2017

Got any plans for your June bank holiday? We hear Bloom In The Park is going to be even bigger and better this year! Over the past 11 years, Bloom has grown into a unique celebration of the best Ireland has to offer. And where else would you get the chance to rub shoulders with so many of Ireland’s brilliant foodies, chefs, horticulturists... Gimme More »

AIM Awards Important for Future of Marketing In Ireland

posted on 18th May 2017

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2017 All Ireland Marketing Awards! It's great having 900 of the best marketers in Ireland all in one room. Keep an eye out for our very own Pat Kinsley to hear his view on why these awards are extremely important for the immediate future of marketing in Ireland. Gimme More »

The Hunt Is On!

posted on 18th May 2017

We’re just putting the finishing touches to Hunter’s Yard, a chic country retreat right in the heart of the gorgeous Mount Juliet Estate. We got the chance to channel our inner country gentleman to create a brand that’s brimming with personality. Hunter’s Yard has always been the beating heart of Mount Juliet - a place where blacksmiths,... Gimme More »

A Celebration of Irish Hospitality

posted on 5th May 2017

Capturing Adare Manor's rich history and reimagining it in a modern creative context takes time and careful consideration...a bit like the magnificent Manor House itself. Restoration is still going on apace on the Estate and we’re delighted to have completed the latest stage of the design journey - rebranding the Carriage House. Paying homage... Gimme More »

Bowled Over With Aldi’s Breakthrough Concept

posted on 27th Apr 2017

Eating healthy doesn’t always go hand in hand with convenience. It’s way too easy to grab a chicken fillet roll, or scoff a bag of crisps to stave off those hunger pangs. Inspired by healthier eating and convenience, Aldi came to us with the idea to create a range of individual portioned super-healthy salads, fillings and dressings that you... Gimme More »

All Things Waterford

posted on 20th Apr 2017

For the past 30 years, WLR-FM has been the radio station for all things Waterford. But as the times have changed, the ways people stay connected have also changed. Developments in digital technology means that a very local community has become a global community with people tuning in from Waterford City to Wellington, New South Wales and... Gimme More »

The Joke’s On Us

posted on 31st Mar 2017

Thought you might have got away with it this year, did you? Well think again. April Fools falls on a Saturday, but we’d hate you to miss being pranked so here’s a few classics that those mischievous brands have tried to get us with over the years. No Calorie Guinness Glan Zero calorie Guinness. They couldn’t fool us so they pranked the... Gimme More »

A new competitor to Slack

posted on 10th Mar 2017

Interesting to see that Google are retooling Hangouts to be a competitor to Slack. For companies that are already G Suite users there's a big incentive to look at "Hangouts Chat" as an alternative to Slack. If you are already paying for G Suite why pay an extra subscription to Slack? With the added benefit of integration with Google Docs as... Gimme More »