Brand Strategy

Our beginning is always about understanding. How do people really feel about your brand? Do they know who you really are? What about your employees, competitors and customers? Are you talking a language they understand? If you don’t ask, how will you know?

Our research techniques and strategic workshops allow us to ask all the right questions. We dig deep to understand what your brand is in the hearts and minds of your market. We immerse ourselves in your company, listening to what your people want. We tease out where you want your brand to be.

All these elements are aligned to create a brand strategy that supports your business goals, captures your unique brand personality and makes you irresistible to your customers.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is more than just a logo, it’s a genuine expression of what your company stands for. Yes, it’s got to look good, but it’s got to feel good too. We use strategic insight and creative instinct to build brands that captivate, provoke and inspire.

We act as guardians for your brand, developing design systems that work clearly and consistently across every single touchpoint, building powerful equity and enhancing the customer experience.

And we make sure that your investment is based on solid foundations so that you get a hardworking brand that’s in it for the long haul too.

Brand Environment

Brands are alive! They are living breathing entities that create complete sensory experiences. At Neworld we understand the important of extending the brand experience into the physical space, whether it’s a retail space, hotel, office environment or restaurant.

We create brand environments that harness the sensory elements of your brand. We get to grips with the customer/user journey so that we can deliver a deeper brand experience that is unique, engaging, thought provoking and practical.


Ever considered putting more personality into your packaging? We always do. It turns a glance into a grab. It seduces you, stirs you up inside, makes you want to reach out and take it off the shelf.

At Neworld we create packaging solutions are anything but off-the-shelf. When there’s so much choice, packaging has to talk to you – quickly, no time to lose. But most of all, packaging has to sell! We get to grips with commercial reality to create design solutions that will guarantee to boost your bottom line.


Our digital strategies help brands create relevant, compelling moments that keep them coming back for more. It’s all about developing a smart approach to online development, so that you get real return on investment.

We put your brand at the centre of an eco-system of online activities, each enhancing the other. From web development to social media strategies, to video production and animated presentations we ensure that all your digital touch points are working in harmony and working effectively.

Brand Language

Talking to your customers in a language they understand will guarantee that your brand is heard over all the other market gossip. But it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it and the tone you use. Creating your own unique brand language cuts through the jargon, makes your brand easier to understand and brings your brand closer to your customers.

We’ll craft a brand language that articulates your personality and brings your brand values to life. We’ll give you clear examples of how your brand should walk and talk, and most importantly, how it shouldn’t. We’ll take your raw information and transform it into compelling copy that is concise, consistent and personal.