Plump it up!

Kerry Hanaphy is an unrivalled success – there are few aesthetic nurses as well renowned or in demand. Having invested in her first ever premises in the heart of Dublin, the timing was right to create a brand identity that would elevate her offering above competitors. Our challenge was creating a brand that exudes professionalism and precision, all the while cutting through in a highly competitive market.

Our solution

We created a visual identity that is bold and modern yet simultaneously refined. Clear, sharp lines weave together to build an instantly memorable “K”, inspired by the expertise and craftsmanship of her work. To this we added bold pops of colour, creating a truly chic brandmark with direct appeal to her highly discerning clientele.

We’ve rolled out the brand across all collateral, from signage to business cards to a brand new website, transforming Kerry from a single aesthetician to a distinctly sophisticated and hugely successful brand.