The challenge here was to create a hotel experience that oozed chic sophistication in an urban environment that would make people want to keep coming back for more.

Capturing the very essence of the brand



Inspiration came from its prime location in one of Dublin’s busiest cultural and business hubs.

The design pedigree was key to our client. We built on the unique music pedigree of the location, right beside the old Point Theatre (now the O2) and created an interior design experience that worked on so many levels. The design provokes, it stimulates, it showcases of some of the best Irish talent, yet it fits right with the hotel environment. We used musical symbolism on walls, in signage, through brochures and marketing materials, ensuring that it was subtle, clever and quirky with out being overbearing.


We created a design concept that captures the very essence of the brand.

Look closely at the logo and imagine a central transport route traversing two key locations. Look again and you might just spot a guitar fretboard with two dot inlays. Add vibrant green and a modern Helvetica Typeface, now you’ve got something really unique with a sharp urban edge. And that’s what the Gibson Hotel is all about. People might get the nod to musical terms – Coda and Hemidemisemi to name but a few. Others might be surprised that the conference rooms are named after such famous guitars as Les Paul and Stratocaster. The idea is that the guests can uncover more little surprises each time they visit.

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Skills used on this project

Brand Identity / Copywriting / Art Direction / Corporate Design