How do you bottle a genius idea?

Budding Irish entrepreneurs and cocktail aficionados, Ann Donnelly and Liz Ianelli, came to us to help them put some sparkle in to the drinks market with a new concept in ready-to-mix premium alcoholic drinks.


We conducted a Brand Journey Workshop to define the positioning of the brand. It quickly became clear that the real personality of the brand lay in its creators’ warmth, infectiousness and joie de vivre – we needed to bottle that!

The brand was pitched at the discerning drinker, offering a sophisticated and genuinely premium alternative to the usual glass of wine or G&T. All ingredients and recipes had been carefully crafted to deliver a unique taste experience.

A creative workshop was carried out to find a more fitting name and Darling Cocktails was borne out of it. The naming really served to influence the whole personality of the brand and because of this, an Art Deco style brandmark was developed that captured that decadent, ‘Roaring Twenties’ era of flappers and cocktails.

Key to the brand was sourcing the right bottle. We needed something really premium and so a heavy, tall bottle with a nipped in waist was chosen to reflect the era and also feminine curves. The bottle was literally dipped in gold to give it a luxurious finish – frivolous, classic and unique.

This brand was created with an eye to new territories, particularly the Australian, UK and US markets so this had to be built into the brand strategy right from the start. With this in mind, three cocktail variants were created including a brand new Apple Poitini, made from real poitin. This cocktail, by its very nature, is the hero product for overseas markets as it captures that little bit of Irish culture and magic that we own.

Key to the project was creating a dynamic sales tool which would help sell Darling Cocktails – a calling card which oozed personality. So we created a two-minute dynamic sales presentation with a sequence of inspiring images that reflected the brand and all it stands for, overlayed with a narrative and music to create a rich brand experience for potential investors and buyers.

Skills used on this project

Research / Brand Journey Workshop / Brand Strategy / Brand Led NPD / Package Design / Art Direction / Copy Writing