Ireland’s Leading Tea & Coffee Company

One hundred and seventy years of brand equity deserves to be treated with respect. We’ve made sure this much-loved brand has retained its iconic status.

Working with an icon

From humble beginnings, back in 1840, Bewley’s has grown into a hugely successful international business. As with any successful and ambitious brand, Bewley’s has grown significantly. It currently employs over 1,000 people worldwide and has recently acquired operations in the US and UK.

Bewley’s is also in the enviable position of owning an iconic brand asset, The Bewley’s cafe on Grafton street. Coupled with this, Bewley’s owns significant brand equity which goes right back to 1840 and is rooted in nearly 175 years of heritage and excellence.

But with the success comes the challenge of managing this brand equity. The brand felt that it needed to re-evaluate what it really stood for in the mind of the consumer, and secure a brand positioning that would celebrate its heritage but take the brand into the future.

Brand Health Check

We carried out a comprehensive Brand Health Check, analysing all brand touchpoints. It measured how the brand was perceived internally through staff, and externally through customers, partners, stakeholders and clients.

It also uncovered the strategic issues facing the brand and untapped possibilities and opportunities up for grabs. This no-holds-barred perspective of the brand provided us with the valuable key insights which formed a platform on which to build a meaningful new positioning for the brand.

Through strategic workshops we crafted a series of positioning avenues, which were explored and tested through focus groups in Ireland and the UK to test consumer appetite. The result was a strong confident positioning which built on the rich pedigree of the Bewley’s brand but also brought just the right amount of freshness, which allowed the brand to confidently own the space as a premium contemporary Roast & Ground Coffee Company. The new positioning allowed them to retain their tea credentials but also to stretch into new categories such as cakes and confectionary.

The brand’s new confectionary range has gone from strength to strength. It has also introduced new innovations targeted at a much younger consumer, something which would not have been possible before.

Skills used on this project

NPD / Package Design / Web Design / Newsletter Design / Brochure Design