First Look: Reduced Facebook Tabs

posted on 12th Aug 2010

After almost 9 months of speculation Facebook finally allowed developers to see the new look, reduced size custom tabs. Since late last year Facebook have been warning developers the size of custom tabs would reduce from 760px in width to 520px. No reason was given as to why and I feared it was to increase the advertising space and revenues for... Gimme More »

Has TV Just Gone Social?

posted on 12th Aug 2010

Yesterday Channel 5 in the UK announced it was to embed its catch up player into Facebook. It's a significant move for the TV channel and also for Facebook in its battle to drive up content. Content is something Facebook lacks, especially when compared to the Google owned Youtube, and we all know just how important content is when it comes to... Gimme More »

Why People Follow Brands on Social Networks

posted on 9th Aug 2010

Last year I conducted a qualitative research project amongst a dozen Irish and UK users of Facebook. The aim was to understand why they were fans of brands and what their opinions on social network marketing were. The results returned were very interesting. When I asked why they were fans of brands the responses included; to get more information... Gimme More »

Market To Me: Why Content Rules!

posted on 6th Aug 2010

Just why is content so important in social media marketing? To identify this we need to understand the role of traditional communications, that of TV, print and radio, against social media. The average European consumer is bombarded with 500 marketing communications per day. This high level of messages has resulted in a subconscious filtration... Gimme More »

Social Media Lessons From Traditional Media

posted on 3rd Aug 2010

In some quarters there's a failure to understand what social media is 'about' and how it can be utilised for brands. Here’s some practical information about how social media for brands doesn’t differ all that much from more 'traditional' media such as print or television. 1. Locate your audience. Online - Facebook might be the most obvious... Gimme More »

Will There Ever be Another Facebook?

posted on 30th Jul 2010

Yesterday I wrote how Facebook achieved the enviable position of the worlds largest social media platform. Today I’m going to take a look into my crystal ball to try and predict how the future of social networks might play out. One thing is for sure, it won’t be easy for a new competitor to take on the might of Facebook. Twitter pushed... Gimme More »

Why Facebook Won

posted on 29th Jul 2010

Last week Facebook announced it had reached a milestone – 500 million worldwide subscribers. At the same time, and with much less fanfare Bebo’s new owners, Criterian Capital Partners, who bought the company after it was offloaded by AOL, announced the social network would return to producing original video content that it had become known for... Gimme More »

How Bands Wrote the Social Media Marketing Rulebook

posted on 28th Jul 2010

Bands and music artists practically wrote the rules on how to use social media for marketing and there’s a lot we can learn from how they operated. Yesterday I wrote how Myspace was a critical point in the evolution of marketing on social networks and this post also explains why. Myspace wasn’t the first social network that facilitated the... Gimme More »

7 Years of Social Network Marketing

posted on 27th Jul 2010

For many the idea of social network marketing is a fairly new concept, but for some it’s been around a lifetime. If you consider the arrival of Myspace in 2003 as a key point in the evolution of social network marketing, it would put it at a mere seven years of age. Still very young, or so you would think. You have to ask how long is seven... Gimme More »