Why Social Media Projects Fail

posted on 30th Aug 2010

I came across this interesting presentation last week posted on the We Are Social blog, into why social media projects fail. The slides are based on an undercover study conducted by the Brand Science Institute over a 7 month period earlier this year. The study involved 563 marketers and 52 brands in 12 European countries, Ireland was not one of... Gimme More »

Google Realtime: Social Media Monitoring

posted on 27th Aug 2010

Google have re-packaged their Realtime search tool with a few useful new options that could turn it into a very useful social media monitoring service. Realtime was launched late last year to provide real-time results from a list of sources such as Twitter and Facebook, as they were being updated. Previously it could only be found in by clicking... Gimme More »

Facebook Spam On The Rise?

posted on 26th Aug 2010

I'm not sure if it was this article yesterday that drew my attention to the rise Facebook spam, or maybe it was a product page that contained 23 spam messages in the top 25 posts on its wall. Landing on a wall of spam isn't an attractive sight for any visitor. Now this was an extreme case, the page was an unofficial page set up in tribute to a... Gimme More »

16 Tips for Starting A Business Blog (Part 1)

posted on 25th Aug 2010

Blogging can be time consuming, difficult and very hard to maintain frequency of posts once the initial momentum has worn off. But more and more studies identify consumers as using the internet to be better informed about the products they are going to purchase. If you think about a company website, they usually don't detail much more than the... Gimme More »

Some Facebook Places Resources

posted on 24th Aug 2010

Facebook Places was the big social media story of last week when it was launched in the USA. Although there is no official launch date of the service in Europe as of yet, it has big implications for business as almost 500,000 Irish Facebook users access the network via their mobile. That underlines the importance of getting to know Places in... Gimme More »

Facebook Places Explained

posted on 20th Aug 2010

Yesterday, or very late Wednesday night depending on how you see it, Facebook announced the roll out of its new Facebook Places service. I thought it might be worth waiting for the dust to settle and give the service as in-depth a look as possible, as it’s not yet available in Europe and no launch date is known. What is Facebook... Gimme More »

Using Google Streetview in Marketing

posted on 19th Aug 2010

Although the Google Streetview cars were seen in Ireland earlier this year and in 2009, there's still no confirmed date for the launch of the service in Ireland. The service is incredibly useful for checking out and exploring real world locations. For example, last year I used it to scope out an area in Barcelona that I was about to book an... Gimme More »

Facebook Pages: The Basics

posted on 17th Aug 2010

I spend a good portion of my week looking at different aspects to Facebook. Coming up with new ideas on how Facebook (and other social media channels) can be better utilised for marketing. While I'm seeking new ways to use Facebook, I'm often surprised at how some companies fail to cover even the basics of Facebook Pages. So here's what I think... Gimme More »

How Often Should I Post?

posted on 16th Aug 2010

I often get asked 'how often should I post on a blog or a Facebook page?' There is no definitive answer because it depends on the business. If I 'like' a news organisation on Facebook I'd expect a dozen or maybe more updates each day. But if I 'like' a business selling garden furniture on Facebook and they post a dozen times a day, I know I'd be... Gimme More »

Augmented Reality Comes of Age

posted on 13th Aug 2010

Augmented Reality (AR) uses a camera to layer the display with extra information in text and image format. If you have yet to come across it I'd suggest this post a starting point. AR has a lot of possibilities, but many companies who have been using it, were doing so as nothing more than a gimmick. Past marketing examples of AR had little or no... Gimme More »