MP3 Interview from Dublin City FM

posted on 20th Sep 2010

I was a guest on Alex Gibson's marketing and media show The Persuaders at the beginning of September. We discussed Facebook and how businesses can utilise the social network for their marketing needs. The interview can now be downloaded here or it can be downloaded by right clicking here and selecting save link as. The show is essential listening... Gimme More »

The New Twitter is a Huge Leap Forward

posted on 15th Sep 2010

I was always surprised at how clunky the older version of Twitter was, having to navigate away from the main focus of the site - the stream, in order to check direct messages or tweets mentioning your name. It felt messy and disjointed. I was also surprised to see Twitter allow 3rd party developers build applications, such as Tweetdeck and... Gimme More »

Ireland No. 2 in Linked In Penetration

posted on 14th Sep 2010

Last Friday Comscore released a study looking at the penetration levels of the business  social networking website Linked In. Surprisingly Ireland came in second only to the Netherlands, and well ahead of the USA, UK and Australia. I'm a little surprised only because Linked In gained traction earlier in those countries than it did here. There was... Gimme More »

Week/End 10.09.10

posted on 10th Sep 2010

A few of the links that have impressed during the week. 1. Trival Pursuit You versus Youtube An interactive version of the game on Youtube. Take general knowledge questions and bet against the stars of Youtube to see if they know the answers. Fairly addictive stuff that takes great advantage of the Youtube platform to promote a very old game... Gimme More »

Google Instant: Faster Than the Speed of Type

posted on 9th Sep 2010

Google have a habit of releasing several products in and around the same time. Over the last few weeks we have had Priority Inbox, Gmail Calls and Realtime. Last night the search firm announced the biggest change to its search function in the form of Google Instant. It promises faster results, saving between 2 and 5 seconds per search. Google has... Gimme More »

Facebook: You Can Check in but Never Leave

posted on 8th Sep 2010

The social network field is going to get more and more crowded in the coming months. While several new and existing networks get ready to compete, Facebook are widening the gap between them and any competition.  I’ve already covered Facebook Places, and the idea of checking in, but there’s a few more changes on the way that will expand... Gimme More »

Ping: Apples Social Network for Music

posted on 7th Sep 2010

last week Apple's Steve Jobs announced the new iTunes 10 download would come with a new feature - a social network called Ping. The service has been available since the end of last week and allows users to follow both friends and artists to discover new music. A Social Network With a Business Model Jobs referred to it as 'social music discovery'... Gimme More »

Neworld on Dublin City FM this Friday Lunchtime

posted on 2nd Sep 2010

A quick post just to let you know that I'm going to be Alex Gibson's guest on The Persuaders radio show tomorrow (Friday). I'll be on for 20 minutes just after 1pm GMT.I'll be discussing all things Facebook from how to use it for business to the new Facebook Places. So be sure to tune in. You can listen live online at:... Gimme More »

Gmail: Priority Inbox and Phone Calls

posted on 2nd Sep 2010

Google are always tweaking their products to make them that bit better. In the last week they announced two changes to their GMail service. The first was the ability to make calls from within GMail to mobile and landline phones using Google Voice, the second is Priority Inbox, which classifies your most important mail to be read first. Google... Gimme More »

16 Tips for Starting a Business Blog (Part 2)

posted on 31st Aug 2010

This is the second of two posts looking at setting up a business blog. The first part, with tips 1 - 8, can be found here. Tips 9 - 16 are below. 9 - Developing Blog Content Ideas Another advantage of a business blog over a personal one, is that the business is an already defined organisation with set of products and services to sell or... Gimme More »