Facebook Answers Privacy Critics

posted on 7th Oct 2010

Over the last year Facebook has been heavily criticised over its privacy settings. It has been one major chink in the armor of Facebook and something a competitor could easily exploit. However, last night Facebook announced several changes in their service that seek to answer critics once and for all. The first is a new groups setting, which is... Gimme More »

Are Blogs the Unpopular Social Media Cousin?

posted on 5th Oct 2010

I was asked by a client last week if Twitter and Facebook had superseded the blog? It's an interesting question because a lot of the attention, in terms of words being written about and visibility in social media is on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. While the poor old blog is seen as the less popular geeky cousin, everyone knows its... Gimme More »

Has Bertie Damaged Brand Ireland?

posted on 4th Oct 2010

Pat Kinsley of Neworld is on Today FM's Last Word show around 4.45pm today to discuss Bertie Ahearns new advert. Last week the News of the World launched a new TV advert featuring their high profile columnists tucked away in various household spaces. This mightn't of raised any eyebrows apart from the fact one of the NOTW columnists is former... Gimme More »

Whats a Facebook ‘Liker’ Like?

posted on 30th Sep 2010

Last night Facebook released some information on what the average 'liker' is like. Liker's are people that click the like button on the Facebook site and off the Facebook site through the use of social plugins. Social plugins can vary from the 'like' box at the top of this post to larger icons, pictures of your friends that 'like' the content to... Gimme More »

Google New For All Thats New at Google

posted on 28th Sep 2010

It can sometimes be difficult to keep up to date with all the new services and updates to existing products Google release. From a simple search function the company has diversified into a wide range of online activities, all aimed at making our web experience better and more productive. We might be familiar with some of them such as Gmail,... Gimme More »

Facebook: Average Irish User Pushing 30

posted on 24th Sep 2010

It may be a misconception that social media, and more-so social networks, are dominated by teenagers and early twenty somethings as research from the USA, and a little bit of number crunching I did myself, indicates. Since 2008, statistics from the USA, have indicated that one of the fastest growing age groups on Facebook has been in the 50+... Gimme More »

Neworld’s Pat Kinsley on RTE One

posted on 22nd Sep 2010

Yesterday afternoon Neworld MD Pat Kinsley dropped into RTE to appear as a guest on their new afternoon slot The Daily Show. It's hosted by Claire Byrne and Daithai O'Se and promises a mix of current affairs and celebrity items. Pat was joined on the panel by boxer Keith Egan and discussed a wide range of topics from Bonds to Brian Cowen to dogs... Gimme More »

10 Quick Twitter Tips

posted on 21st Sep 2010

While we wait for the new look Twitter to arrive over here. I've compiled a list of ten quick Twitter tips to consider when using the platform for business. 1. Define what exactly Twitter will be used for and why you think it is needed as part of the communications mix. This will help to understand what role it will play and how to... Gimme More »

MP3 Interview from Dublin City FM

posted on 20th Sep 2010

I was a guest on Alex Gibson's marketing and media show The Persuaders at the beginning of September. We discussed Facebook and how businesses can utilise the social network for their marketing needs. The interview can now be downloaded here or it can be downloaded by right clicking here and selecting save link as. The show is essential listening... Gimme More »

The New Twitter is a Huge Leap Forward

posted on 15th Sep 2010

I was always surprised at how clunky the older version of Twitter was, having to navigate away from the main focus of the site - the stream, in order to check direct messages or tweets mentioning your name. It felt messy and disjointed. I was also surprised to see Twitter allow 3rd party developers build applications, such as Tweetdeck and... Gimme More »