More Twitter Marketing Examples

posted on 8th Nov 2010

Here's some more examples of Twitter being used for marketing purposes. You might also wish to check out an earlier post on the very subject from a few weeks back. Just to clarify one of the comments made at the end of that post, I consider marketing to be any point where a customer interacts with an organisation, be it through online, offline,... Gimme More »

Pat Kinsley Talks Branding (Video)

posted on 5th Nov 2010

Pat Kinsley is no stranger to the Irish media, recent stints included appearances on RTE television, Newstalk and Today FM. In this video posted to the Ireland Inc. blog, he discusses brands, branding in the summer of 2010 and the future trends to look out for. Gimme More »

How to Rank in Facebook Search

posted on 4th Nov 2010

Earlier this week I looked at how your posts to Facebook can gain greater visibility, aka how can they be more popular through higher ranking in Top News. After all if a post ranks higher in Top News the more likely fans are to see it, which in turn suggests the more chance the message will get read, clicked, liked, commented on or... Gimme More »

How To Be More Popular On Facebook

posted on 2nd Nov 2010

Facebook make regular tweaks and changes to its platform and over the last six months these changes have been about making the user experience on Facebook better. Of late the Inisghts page for admins got an overhaul making it much easier to navigate around, you can change the page's name if you have less than 100 fans, while fans were also treated... Gimme More »

Brands Racing for Facebook Likes

posted on 28th Oct 2010

I had been meaning to illustrate the race for likes post with a few examples of brands doing just that - providing an incentive for large numbers of people to become fans of brands in order to receive a  discount. Offering discounts or promotions to fans to click like is nothing new. But, in these examples the discount grows in value as more... Gimme More »

The Race for Facebook Likes

posted on 21st Oct 2010

Last week I posted on how Bing search results will now feature Facebook Likes. Between that and the launch of Google Instant search engine marketing is becoming a wider field, that will require more diverse activities in order to stay on top of search results. The Bing Facebook tie up may have the biggest impact. Not only will results display... Gimme More »

Your Facebook Profile Picture Deconstructed!

posted on 19th Oct 2010

Another infographic, this time from the folks at Fast Company, via Adverblog. A picture says a thousand words, so what does your Facebook profile picture say about you? There's an impressive list of possible settings, almost everyone I can attribute to one friend or another at some stage. I would have thought every type of picture would be listed,... Gimme More »

How Google Works (Infographic)

posted on 15th Oct 2010

Nice infographic that came courtesy of The Wall blog. How the complex search beast Google works. Full size available here. Gimme More »

Facebook Integrates with Bing & Skype

posted on 14th Oct 2010

Facebook made two big announcements in the last 24 hours. The social network is further embedding itself into Microsofts search engine Bing, and the new version of Skype (5.0 to be exact) comes with Facebook integration. It would almost seem like Facebook is on a scramble to fortify its core service with further features from existing providers.... Gimme More »

Twitter Marketing in Action

posted on 11th Oct 2010

I found some really interesting examples of Twitter being used for marketing that I thought I'd share. Twitter, in my opinion, is a fantastic news source. The speed at which stories are spread across the world is fast enough to make traditional news organisations seem slow. As was the case with the recent car bomb in Derry when Twitter users in... Gimme More »