Have You Seen The New Facebook Profile?

posted on 6th Dec 2010

Last night Facebook announced a brand new look to user profiles. They have been made more visual, featuring a lot more information to give friends an instant update on what you are at in your life. From a short bio, recently tagged pics, to a new friends section, this is a big change in how profiles operate. You can claim your new profile here.... Gimme More »

What the Neworld Kids Did at Lunchtime

posted on 3rd Dec 2010

...they only just went and built a snowman! Gimme More »

Facebook Getting Better for Business?

posted on 3rd Dec 2010

Since the summer Facebook has gone into overdrive adding new features and services as a means to keep users further engaged with its platform. These features have included Places, Credits, Skype integration, Email, Groups, more attractive layout for existing features such as photos, and even made users more in control of their privacy settings.... Gimme More »

A Pot Noeldle Christmas

posted on 3rd Dec 2010

If this advert were a Christmas song it would be Fairytale of New York, distinctly unseasonal yet all the better for it. Nice new work from Pot Noodle called 'A Pot Noeldle Christmas' Gimme More »

Groupon’s New Big Deal

posted on 1st Dec 2010

With the news that Google is about to purchase the group buying website Groupon for between $3 and $6 Billion dollars the rise of the two year old website has been nothing short of meteoric. Founded on November 11th 2008 in Chicago the website gives local businesses a platform to promote themselves to their immediate audience through value for... Gimme More »

The Beatles: Facebook More Important Than Google

posted on 26th Nov 2010

There's an interesting post over on the Experian Hitwise blog examining how the UK online audience reacted to the announcement Beatles tracks would be available to download on iTunes. There's a few interesting points, such as the massive spike in traffic to iTunes, the BBC News website was a hugely important source of referral traffic, iTunes paid... Gimme More »

What Do Facebook Impressions Tell Us?

posted on 25th Nov 2010

This week Facebook Page admins have been provided with a new metric for their Page Insights - Post Impressions and Feedback. Previously this information was only available to pages with over 10,000 fans. It's now available to smaller pages, on posts made since June 25th this year. These are useful numbers to have access to, after all now we can... Gimme More »

A Facebook Book (Video)

posted on 23rd Nov 2010

How is this for an interesting use of your data on Facebook? To announce their arrival on Facebook France's Bouygues Telecom released an application that would create an actual book of your most important Facebook content. Users could select up to 10 friends and a certain time frame from which to pull all the content together. This was then... Gimme More »

Is Facebook Messages the Future of Email?

posted on 17th Nov 2010

Last Monday Facebook launched Messages - it's vision of how people will communicate in the future. It incorporates email, Facebook chat, messages and sms to position Facebook as the portal that connects you with your friends, no matter what device they might be on, and all of it in real-time. You don't have to worry about channel to send the... Gimme More »

Lets Hear It For The Blog!

posted on 12th Nov 2010

As you might guess I'm a fan of blogging, not only do I write this one, but I also have a personal one too. I've provided tips on how to set up and maintain a business blog in the past and I have even looked at how blogging compares with Facebook and Twitter. I do understand the power of blogging. However when most businesses look towards social... Gimme More »