12 Things You Should Know About New Facebook Page Layout

posted on 11th Feb 2011

Last night Facebook made some changes to the layout of pages. From first inspection it looks like they have taken the better aspects of the leaked profile layout from last December and thrown in some new features to boot. Here's a quick run through of all the new changes, you can preview any pages you admin from here until March 10th, when all... Gimme More »

New Facebook Advertising Options

posted on 10th Feb 2011

Recently the cost of advertising on the network has been under scrutiny where the cost and click through rates has been identified as being higher than other websites. The ad's might be less effective in their current format, but advertising avoidance is a rife in any medium, where people subconsciously switch off. While advertising effectiveness... Gimme More »

Facebook Places Here, Deals Coming Soon!

posted on 4th Feb 2011

There's a couple of really big things on the burner for Facebook this year, the top two are Facebook Places and Credits as they take the social network into new territory. Places brings it local and mobile, while Credit's is its very own currency. Places launched in late summer 2010 in the USA and is now officially available to Irish users... Gimme More »

Foursquare in 2010 (Infographic)

posted on 31st Jan 2011

Foursquare released this infographic on how the network has grown 3400% in 2010. It's a location based social network that encourages user's to check into real world locations, with some game based elements for users to become 'mayors' of locations. Foursquare can also be used to promote offers and loyalty amongst customers. In mid 2010 there was... Gimme More »

Facebook Sponsored Stories Coming to a Newsfeed Near You

posted on 25th Jan 2011

Back in December I posted how Facebook were trialing new advertising formats. It would seem those trials have been successful as Facebook are launching Sponsored Stories as new advertising format for brands. These sponsored stories are items that have already been posted to newsfeeds by fans, they just re-appear in the right hand side panel with... Gimme More »

How To Sell Goods In The Facebook Newsfeed

posted on 20th Jan 2011

I love finding new tips and tricks on how to do new things within Facebook. Often these are unintentional work-arounds that are discovered by accident. This is a great example. I think everyday a new brand claims to be the first shop on Facebook in Ireland / Europe / The world, but truth is shops have been on Facebook in Ireland for almost a year,... Gimme More »

Social Media Spam, Scam’s and Malware

posted on 18th Jan 2011

It was interesting to read that e-mail spam has significantly dropped, worldwide, since last summer. Even I have even noticed a huge drop off in spam to my Gmail account in the last number of weeks. I had put it down to better protection from Gmail, not allowing even the most obvious of spam reach my account in the first place. The BBC reports... Gimme More »

From Marketing.ie Magazine

posted on 14th Jan 2011

A recent article I wrote for Marketing.ie Magazine has just gone live on their website. The article looks at some of the myths and misunderstandings related to social media and its use in marketing. Read it all here. Is social media right for you is a question every brand manager has asked at one stage or another. Some have said yes it is,... Gimme More »

Glenisk Tune Challenge Launch

posted on 14th Jan 2011

The response to Glenisk's Tune Challenge Facebook app has been hugely positive. Launched only on Tuesday last, almost 100 tracks have already been submitted from all over Ireland. We certainly didn't expect such a huge response in just three days. With another three weeks left to submit your tracks to the app (which is on their Facebook page), it... Gimme More »

New Year Tweet’s Visualised

posted on 13th Jan 2011

This has been out about a week now but it's well worth a look. Its demonstrates how, as midnight on New Years Eve is celebrated around the world, people turn to Twitter to ring in the new year. In Japan just after midnight a new record of 6393 Tweets Per Second were sent. This easily outnumbers all the 3,000 Tweets worldwide  sent at the climax... Gimme More »