Facebook, Bing & Google: 10 Reasons Why Social Search is Flawed

posted on 18th May 2011

Last October I posted on how Bing and Facebook were going to integrate their search offering, to bring social signals deeper into search results. This week Bing announced even greater integration with Facebook. This raises a number of concerns, which I will go into below. But first lets look at what new Bing features you can expect to... Gimme More »

Facebook Places & Foursquare: Why People Aren’t Checking-in

posted on 12th May 2011

This past week has seen the release of some interesting research in the UK and the USA as to the use and awareness of location based social network services. The two biggest of which are Foursquare and Facebook Places. Of the latter Facebook have stated there's 800,000 Irish people accessing Facebook from their mobile, this group can also access... Gimme More »

Facebook’s Best Practise Guide

posted on 11th May 2011

A year ago I wrote, on another blog, how Facebook would often make huge platform changes without giving any notice to businesses or developers. It angered a lot of people who depend on the platform for more than just social interaction. Since then however, Facebook has been on a huge PR drive not to only smooth out relations with developers, but... Gimme More »

The Key To Social Media Success

posted on 10th May 2011

If you want social media to work for you, then you have to be prepared to invest time in it. That's the clear message you get from reading the latest Social Media Marketing Report by Michael Stelzner (download the full report). The report is the result of research conducted amongst 3300 marketers (1% from Ireland), and it's the third such report... Gimme More »

The Difference Between the Groupon Clones

posted on 5th May 2011

In keeping with yesterdays post on what Facebook Deals really means for the Facebook platform I found this infographic which explains the differences between the main players in the daily deals market - Groupon, Living Social, Facebook Deals and Google Offers. This was produced by Online MBA for the US market and so Irish players like... Gimme More »

Facebook Deals: 3 Implications to Watch

posted on 4th May 2011

Facebook Deals launched last week to much fanfare in five US cities. The new Facebook Deals is a service similar to Groupon, Living Social and City Deal where large groups can avail of huge discounted offers on goods and services. Facebook Deals might sound familiar and it should Facebook Deals were originally deals fans could avail of by checking... Gimme More »

The Facebook Send Button

posted on 26th Apr 2011

Last week the Facebook Like button reached it's first birthday. In the last year the 'like' button has been added to over 2.5 million websites and that figure is growing at 10,000 websites per day. In short, it's come a long way. So this week Facebook have introduced a new button - Send. The Send Button The Like button has been an undeniable... Gimme More »

Facebook Studio: The Best in Facebook Marketing

posted on 21st Apr 2011

Earlier this week Facebook launched their Facebook Studio. It's an online collection of the best marketing and advertising on Facebook. The studio is ideal for marketers, brand managers and owners, researchers and students to uncover gems of campaigns that may otherwise have been missed. Perfect for getting a little inspiration or finding the... Gimme More »

Facebook In 2005 Interviews, Statistics & Images

posted on 20th Apr 2011

For research more than anything I thought it would be interesting to have a look back at facebook in 2005. Below are two interviews with Mark Zuckerberg at the time, one from Stanford is very detailed, plus profiles images taken from that year and statistics on how the website was growing. Facebook in 2005: Statistics These were very early... Gimme More »

10 Innovative Facebook Commerce Examples

posted on 19th Apr 2011

I've been posting about Facebook commerce a lot of late. In the last post I mentioned that f-commerce will work when it's done right and that a one size fits all approach won't work. If it's done right it will work is probably easier said then done so lets take a look at 10 examples of brands who have been doing it right. Their  approach to... Gimme More »