How Google+ Can Succeed: Privacy, Mobile & No Ad’s

posted on 29th Jun 2011

I read through a fairly lengthy article on this morning detailing the last year of progress in delivering the new Google + product. I haven't tested the product yet so these are only my thoughts on how a superior product could compete with Facebook. (There's an early and fairly positive review here.) After the failure of Buzz and Wave to... Gimme More »

Klout Earns You Facebook Freebies!

posted on 22nd Jun 2011

A few weeks ago I came across this interesting article on Twitter alerting me to Klout Perks. I'm not sure how familiar you might be with Klout, but it ranks you based on your social media activity. Not just on how many people follow you but also on how influential you are. It recently began to include your Facebook and LinkedIn profile's to gauge... Gimme More »

Facebook Insights Guide

posted on 21st Jun 2011

Facebook updated their guide to Insights not so long ago. It's a very useful guide and a must read for any page administrators. Understanding how your Facebook marketing is performing (and not just how many new fans you have) is essential for success.After all wouldn't you like to know what your fans enjoy about your page? The Facebook Guide to... Gimme More »

Google: Now Search by Image & Voice

posted on 15th Jun 2011

Google is constantly updating its search feature, be it a little tweaking to add signals form social media, or this handy new feature that allows you to search using an image. The image can be one thats already online, one on your desktop just by dragging and dropping. And it's made even faster thanks to a Chrome and Firefox extension, that allow... Gimme More »

15 of the Best Twitter Campaigns

posted on 2nd Jun 2011

Twitter isn’t the most obvious platform for marketers to engage in. The 140 character limit is probably the biggest stumbling block. It’s restrictive and requires marketers to be even more creative in how it’s used. The attraction of Twitter is it’s realtime connection, it’s people online right now, which could also prove daunting.... Gimme More »

Are Blogs More Important Than Facebook or Twitter?

posted on 31st May 2011

Are Blogs More Important Than Facebook or Twitter for Marketing? A new study from, a division of the National Retail Federation in the USA would suggest they are. The survey was conducted amongst over 1700 adults in the USA during April 2011, and the results suggest blogs are better for engagement, referral traffic and product... Gimme More »

New Neworld Website

posted on 30th May 2011

The online team have been increadibly busy working on a the new Neworld website for the last while. It finally went live last Friday and it's looking pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves! A big burst of colour greets the viewer on the way in, while our projects and client list can be viewed by department - Digital, Corporate Design and... Gimme More »

How A Facebook Campaign Helped Increase Sales 35% and Get Є200K of Free PR

posted on 25th May 2011

in March we completed a project for Glenisk called the Tune Challenge. The purpose of the campaign was to find the soundtrack to a Glenisk TV advert, from tracks submitted by Fans via Facebook. The ad had run originally in 2010, without music featuring the sounds of 'nature' to keep with the organic feel of the brand. The campaign launched on Ray... Gimme More »

Irish Social Media Statistics (May 2011)

posted on 23rd May 2011

Updated June 21st with Foursquare data. I've been collecting data on social media in Ireland since the last post back in February on the Neworld Blog. There's certainly enough new data to warrant an update. Overview Let's start with some attention grabbing headlines; Twitter has almost doubled its Irish accounts Facebook is adding 900 new... Gimme More »

Make that 5 Social Media Award Nominations

posted on 19th May 2011

Update May 24th: A 5th nomination for Neworld in the Social Media Awards, this time for Agency Use of Social Media. The finalist list for the Social Media Awards came out earlier this week. Neworld and our clients have received 4 5 nominations in three different categories. The nominations are; Integrated Facebook Campaign Glenisk for Glenisk... Gimme More »