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Google Instant: Faster Than the Speed of Type

posted on 9th Sep 2010

Google have a habit of releasing several products in and around the same time. Over the last few weeks we have had Priority Inbox, Gmail Calls and Realtime. Last night the search firm announced the biggest change to its search function in the form of Google Instant. It promises faster results, saving between 2 and 5 seconds per search. Google has... Gimme More »

Gmail: Priority Inbox and Phone Calls

posted on 2nd Sep 2010

Google are always tweaking their products to make them that bit better. In the last week they announced two changes to their GMail service. The first was the ability to make calls from within GMail to mobile and landline phones using Google Voice, the second is Priority Inbox, which classifies your most important mail to be read first. Google... Gimme More »

Google Realtime: Social Media Monitoring

posted on 27th Aug 2010

Google have re-packaged their Realtime search tool with a few useful new options that could turn it into a very useful social media monitoring service. Realtime was launched late last year to provide real-time results from a list of sources such as Twitter and Facebook, as they were being updated. Previously it could only be found in by clicking... Gimme More »

Using Google Streetview in Marketing

posted on 19th Aug 2010

Although the Google Streetview cars were seen in Ireland earlier this year and in 2009, there's still no confirmed date for the launch of the service in Ireland. The service is incredibly useful for checking out and exploring real world locations. For example, last year I used it to scope out an area in Barcelona that I was about to book an... Gimme More »