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Using the right colour in the right way

posted on 28th Aug 2018

According to research 90% of our assessment of a product is made on colour alone. If we don’t like a colour palette chances are we won’t buy the product or stay on a website for very long.  On a simple level, the colours on the warm side of the spectrum - such as red and yellow - are bold, uplifting and energetic, while their cooler... Gimme More »

Four unexpected consequences of GDPR

posted on 8th Aug 2018

So, how are you enjoying the new post-GDPR era? Are you feeling a warm sense of safety & security as you voyage through the internet? Does your data feel snugly tucked up, protected from the evil spam monsters? I'm optimistic that even if this is not currently the case, the mechanisms are now in place to move towards safeguarding our privacy.... Gimme More »

7 key tips for building a restaurant website

posted on 30th Jul 2018

7 key tips for building a restaurant website
Neworld have developed quite a few restaurant websites over the years and we've learned a thing or two about how to create effective and engaging sites that help build loyal customers and drive bookings. Here are a few key tips we'd recommend you keep in mind when it comes to building or updating your own site. 1. Branding It might seem obvious... Gimme More »

3 weird things you never knew about your website’s visitors

posted on 6th Jul 2018

Imagine you have just launched your brand new website - and congratulations, it's gorgeous! You're sitting at your desk, clicking around and it's all shiny and scrolly and fast and lovely, just like you wanted. What you may not realise is that you, sitting at a broadband-enabled desktop computer may not be typical of every visitor to your website.... Gimme More »

The differences between UX & UI

posted on 26th Jun 2018

I call myself a UI Designer… previously called a web designer, before that I was a graphic designer! I’m not a UX Designer. Sometimes my role crosses over into the UX field prior to starting to design an interface, but the two fields are totally different - they are not the same. What's What UX Design refers to the term User Experience... Gimme More »

Ireland’s Digital and Social Media Statistics 2017

posted on 14th Jun 2018

Ireland's Digital and Social Statistics
So it goes without saying that we live in an age where technology proliferates and prevails. It shapes the way we work and live. And sad as it may be, it also dictates how we think and act too. According to the world at large, we’re a bunch of digital obsessives that live through the lens of our smartphones, addicted to scrolling, refreshing and... Gimme More »

The Seven Deadly Sins of Web Design

posted on 6th Jun 2018

Even at the best web agency, designing a website can be a challenge and every business needs a website designed with usability in mind. People can have a range of different opinions on what constitutes good or bad design but don't get caught committing one of these seven deadly sins... 1. Dark UX Patterns Deliberately tricking users into... Gimme More »

Confessions of a Weather Nerd

posted on 3rd May 2018

I am a self-professed weather nerd. And maybe it's because I grew up in the 'Sunny South East' but I have never fully accepted the Irish weather's tendency towards the wet. It's not that I'm in denial, my daily commute across Dublin involves at least an hour out in the elements and I think people would be surprised by how infrequently rain affects... Gimme More »

Aurora borealis and our eye’s perception

posted on 30th Apr 2018

Like most people, the Aurora Borealis, aka Northern Lights, were always on my bucket list. The pops of dazzling pink, green and purple dancing across the night sky always fascinated me. Last month I had a chance to see them. To be at the right place at the right time. But I wasn’t expecting to see what I saw. Although it wasn’t a clear sky... Gimme More »

Blow your own horn

posted on 26th Apr 2018

Indian Truck Art
Inspiration from India Myself and two colleagues are just back from a short trip to India (as you do), and it was certainly a full-on overwhelming cultural experience, a world away from a hop over to a UK or European destination for a couple of days. In fact it was a complete visceral onslaught of sounds, aromas and experiences. From a visual... Gimme More »