News/Blog Author: Sofie Rooney

Client Question: What is tone of voice?

posted on 16th Aug 2018

What is tone of voice? Behind the veil of branding mystique, tone of voice is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an understanding that it’s not what you say, rather the way in which you say it that matters the most. Tone of voice is the difference between brilliant and boring, comprehensible and enjoyable, smart sarcasm and tasteless... Gimme More »

Why B2B brands need to get emotional

posted on 5th Jul 2018

No matter the industry or sector, business to business brands seem to have a deep-rooted aversion to emotion. The idea of it simply repulses them. It's like some kind of highly contagious virus they're afraid to catch - even talking about it could put them at risk. All that “fluffy stuff” as they so kindly put it, is simply not for them nor... Gimme More »

Brand Ireland born in Rathmines

posted on 21st Jun 2018

Back in 2010 I wrote a blog post on Ireland Inc about Eataly, the largest artisanal Italian food and wine marketplace in the world. On discovering its existence, I pondered on the opportunity this little gem could hold for Brand Italy. From the awareness and purchase of Italian brands to in-store booking of flights to the homeland, I couldn’t... Gimme More »

Ireland’s Digital and Social Media Statistics 2017

posted on 14th Jun 2018

Ireland's Digital and Social Statistics
So it goes without saying that we live in an age where technology proliferates and prevails. It shapes the way we work and live. And sad as it may be, it also dictates how we think and act too. According to the world at large, we’re a bunch of digital obsessives that live through the lens of our smartphones, addicted to scrolling, refreshing and... Gimme More »

Sustainability and why brands must take action

posted on 15th May 2018

You'd be hard pushed to find a global brand that doesn't have a view on sustainability. So much so that some would suggest overuse has eroded its true meaning. And there's others that would argue that despite its grounding in altruism, there exists brands that abuse the term for their own gain. No less, in today's world sustainability is an... Gimme More »

The emoji – powerful design or millennial nonsense?

posted on 24th Apr 2018

They’re just for twenty-somethings. They’re making us lazy. They’re destroying language as we know it. They’re crass. They’re definitely not work safe. Emojis get a tough time but it’s hard to imagine a world without them. But let’s for a moment do just that. Let’s go way back to 1999... a pre-millennial and pre-millenium age... Gimme More »