Merry Christmas from Neworld

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own world that we stop seeing the bigger picture…

This year we were privileged to cross paths with an amazing organisation called Frontline. Frontline works with people who are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction and their families. It provides much needed services and support to help people make change in their lives. From the very first meeting, Stuart and the team opened our eyes to the real and immediate need for this community support service. We knew that raising awareness was key in terms of reaching out to a wider community of people who needed their help.

So this year, instead of sending Christmas gifts we decided to put the money and time towards this vital service. For the last 6 months, we’ve been working together to develop a new brand identity and brand story to make sure Frontline make those vital connections with the people who need them most. It’s been a brilliant experience. We’ve met friends for life and have relished every minute of the project. Here’s a short video capturing some of the highlights of our journey.

We look forward to a New Year with new beginnings and possibilities. Have a restful and peaceful Christmas.

From all the team at Neworld